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Jio Pos Plus App {Latest 12.5.3 APK Version}



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Reliance jio has launched a very special app which will help Jio Retailers to commence all the customer-related activities on the go. Now the customer’s mobile number can be easily recharged, bills can be paid, a new jio sim issue, activation of jio sim & digital KYC, etc. can be done easily by the jio retailer using the jio POS Plus app.

Jio has launched a new app for Jio Partners i.e. jio pos plus app. This app is specially created for Jio Retailer and this app is a one-stop solution to retailers for managing all the Jio customer-related activities. Jio Retailers can recharge their customer’s mobile number, pay their bills, issue them new jio sim, activate their jio sim, do digital KYC, and much more. In this article, we are going to share every single information and method for jio pos plus update or download jio pos plus apk easily.

Reliance Jio is the first Indian mobile network operator to gain millions of customer databases in such a short time. The milestone achieved by Reliance Jio would not be possible if they haven’t provided free service i.e. free internet, calls, SMS for a whole year, and after it, they had dominated the whole telecom market by providing a huge amount of data per day at very affordable prices. Previously, we used to pay Rs 300 or more for 1GB 4G data which we use for an entire month but after Jio’s digital revolution, we are getting 1GB 4G data or more per day with free calling for the entire month at the same price.

Isn’t that awesome? And due to this, customers were and are migrating to Reliance Jio to get maximum benefits. Due to the increasing number of users under the Jio database, distributors, preferred retailers, and retailers started showing interest in promoting Jio products and services to the customers.

Previously, Jio retailers don’t have any platform to perform all the Jio related activities and but now, they don’t need to worry a bit because Jio has launched a new jio retailer app i.e. Jio pos plus update the app through which retailers can manage all the Jio sim & products in their retail store.

This app can be managed by Jio partners only not the Jio customers. Now, you may be thinking what I meant by saying Jio Partners? Right? Well, we are going to explain it to you now.

Announcement: Jio has recently launched a new app i.e. jiopos lite (almost similar name as jio pos plus app) in which any individual can come jio associate/jio partner. Despite the similar name, both these apps are different in working. Jio pos plus app is only for jio retailer while the jiopos lite app can be used by any jio sim users. You can learn more about this app here JioPos lite app.

 In this article, we have shared the information regarding how to download Jio Pos Plus Apk at jio.awcm.ril.com, Jio Pos Plus Commission, Jio Posv12.4.1 update download, Download APK Jio Pos Plus 12.5.3 Apk, New, Jio Pos Plus App Download Latest Version.


 Jio Reliance has recently launched a new app named Jio POS Lite which can be used by anybody who has a jio sim. Using this app you can become a jio associate/partner. You can download the app form here JIO POS Lite App Download

What is Jio Pos Plus?

jio pos plus jio pos plus apk jio pos plus aap jio pos apk jio pos plus apk download jio pos plus download jio pos plus aap download jio pos download jio forgot password

Jio POS Plus as stated above is a very helpful Portal for jio retailers to commence all the customers-related activities which include mobile recharge, digital or Aadhar eKYC, bill payment, device recharge, buying and selling of jio products. Only 3rd party partners (retailers) can use this app. This app can’t be used by Jio Dealers and Jio Preferred Retailer to do in-store activities.

Jio pos plus application: There is a great Commission on jio POS Plus app.

What is the Jio Pos Plus Commission?

jio pos plus jio pos plus apk jio pos plus aap jio pos apk jio pos plus apk download jio pos plus download jio pos plus aap download jio pos download jio forgot password

Jio pos plus application: There is a great Commission on jio POS Plus app. The commission percentage is 4 which you will get on the total amount of mobile recharges or bill payments.

You will also get 40 rupees Commission on activating a new jio SIM to a new customer.

Apart from this, a great incentive is also given on selling off the jio products.

Downloading the app via an intelligent hub app. 

Jio retailers can download the app by installing an app named intelligent hub, which was formerly known as the AirWatch agent app from the Play Store. We have shared the information regarding the intelligent Hub which is followed by the steps to update the version.

Here are the steps to download the APK file for jio POS Plus via the intelligent hub app:

Click here to download the intelligent hub app. 

Open the application.

Enter your email address or server address after that enter “jio.awds1.ril.com” and click on the “Next” button.

Now enter “partners” which is shown in the group ID field and click on the “next”.

Grant all the permission asked and login to your account.

Now the homepage of the app will open to download the jio POS plus update version.

Click on the app catalog.

After that, a pop-up will appear which will say to open the app in your browser click on the browser of your choice.

A new link will be opened in your browser where many apps will be shown to you, from there click on the jio POS plus which is on the top of the list.

Click on “download” or “update”.

After that click on “update”.

After downloading the application you will need to allow the application to use in your phone, for this check allow “installation of the nonofficial app or unknown sources”.

Now go to “Settings” > “Security”.

Turn on the option showed in the pic.

Tap on “Managed Apps” > “Tab to upgrade”.

Now the latest version of the app is installed on your phone.

Download jio pos plus – Jio Pos 12.5.3 App Download

Here is the information regarding jio pos plus online, for pc, jio pos plus 12.5.3 apk download, jiopos plus.com, jio pos plus recharge app download, log in for pc, for android 9 jio pos plus apk download apkpure, jio pos plus 12.5.3 download, for android 9. Follow the below-given steps:

How to Download Jio Pos Plus App?

jio pos plus jio pos plus apk jio pos plus aap jio pos apk jio pos plus apk download jio pos plus download jio pos plus aap download jio pos download jio forgot password

Firstly download the APK file.

Save the file into your mobile device.

Click on the downloaded apk file and start the installation.

Now it will ask “Do you want to install this application?”.

Click on ‘Install’

After the completion of installing process open Jio POS 12.5.3 APK version.

Jio Pos Plus Apk download

Application information:

 App Info              Details 

Version                            12.5.3
Size                                 67.5 MB
Offered By                       Jio
Andriod Version              4.4 and up
App Installs                     1,0000+

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) :

Q1 – How to use jio retailer app training mode?

Jio will give you the training to use this app. And you can easily enroll in the training mode by simply selecting an option. Now, we are going to tell you how to get into training mode in the pos app?

Open the app
You will see this screen :
Jio pos training mode
Enter your username and password and click on the “Training Mode” checkbox
Click on “Login”
Now, you will start seeing a step by step guide to do various tasks in the app. You just need to take a deep look at the options and you will understand everything about this app and how to use this app.
That’s it.

Q2 – Why Jio pos plus app is not listed on the play store?

This app is specially designed and developed for a jio retailer so there is no need to get millions of installs on the app by uploading this app to the play store. A customer is given access to the app once they become a Jio retailer.

Q3 – Can a regular Jio user can use this app?

No. You can’t.

Q4 – How do I register for Jio POS Plus?

You need to become a jio retailer first to use this app.

Q5- How do I find my Jio POS ID?

After you have successfully registered as a retailer, you will be given a shop ID and password by the distributor or jio officials that can be used to login to the jio pos plus app update version.

Q6 – I am getting an “Agent authentication failed error from OID” error?

You have either entered the wrong ID & password or you have not become a retailer yet.

Q7 – How to use jio pos plus forgot password option?

Open the app
Click on “Forgot Password”
Now, you will see this page on your device
Jio forgot password
Enter your username i.e. your jio retailer ID or shop ID.
Click on “Continue”
An OTP will be sent on your registered mobile number and email address
jio forgot password
Enter the OTP on the next page
Enter a new password in both fields. (Make sure, the password matches in both fields)
Jio pos plus forgot password
Click on “Continue”
That’s it. You have successfully changed your jio pos plus login password.
Q8 – I am getting a “User is not present in OIAM” error?

You have either entered your wrong username or you have not registered as a retailer till now. Please, contact your area distributor or reliance Jio store from where you have applied to become Jio Retailer.

Q9 – I am getting “Failed to login. Try again.” error?

This error was coming to Android Pie users. Previously, this app was not compatible with the latest version of Android i.e. android PIE. But now, jio has launched the latest version of this app which is compatible with the latest android pie. All you need to do is to update jio pos plus to the new version.

Q10 –  Why I am getting “Your account is not allowed to enroll. Please contact your system administrator, kindly do needful asap” error?

This error comes when your account hasn’t been activated yet or has been disabled. You need to contact your area distributor or visit any reliance jio store near you.

Q11 – Is downloading jio pos plus apk is secure?

Yes, this apk is 100% secure.

Q12 – Why my android device don’t support the jio pos app?

Well, some smartphones don’t support this app so, Jio has found a solution through which you can make this app work on your unsupported smartphone too. Jio has launched a library called JioPos EKYC Library that can help this app to run on your smartphone. Now, the question arises where to find this library and how to install it on your device?

Well, You don’t need to find JioPosEKYCLibrary anywhere because if your device doesn’t support this app then you will get this popup when you open the app.
JioPos EKYC Library
Click on “OK” to continue the installation of the package. Now, a new window will open on your device.
JioPos EKYC Library package installation
Click on “Install”
That’s it.

Q13 – How to check jio pos recharge history?

Click on “Menu” > “MIS & Reports“
MIS & Reports
Click on the select box and you will see many options i.e. STORE SALES, DEPARTMENT SALES, CASHIER SALES, CASH OFFICE MNMGT, AND ELECTRONIC JOURNAL. Select “ELECTRONIC JOURNAL” from the options.
check Jio pos recharge history
Click on “Tap to select date“. Select the date or period of which you want to see details and click on “Generate“
check recharge history date
Now, you will see many options like POS number, transaction number, cashier ID, tender name, customer details, amount, and authorization code. If you want to check any specific details and click accordingly otherwise click on “All transaction“
all recharge transactions
Now, you will see the list of the transaction that takes place inside the date period you want to have selected.
jio pos recharge successful history
Click on any transaction you want to check details of and you will see every single detail about that transaction on your screen.
recharge successful or failed details
That’s it.

Q14 – How to change the registered number on the jio pos plus app?

Click on “Menu” > “Settings“
Click on “Register your mobile“
jio pos change registered mobile number
You will see a slide mentioning your current agent mobile number. Edit your new mobile number and click on “UPDATE MOBILE“
agent mobile number
An OTP will be sent to your previous registered number for security purposes. Enter the OTP and submit it.
Your new mobile number will get registered within 24 hours.
NOTE: You will get only activation OTP on the new number. All other messages will be sent to the number you have used while registering for retailers.

That’s it. You have successfully changed your jio pos registered mobile number.

Wrapping Up :
We have shared all the details about jio pos plus apk or how to download jio pos plus update version. If you have any issues or queries then feel free to comment below. We will help you as soon as possible.

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