MI Smart LED Bulb

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 MI smart LED bulb is the best gift for your home light. Adjustable brightness to make your money home luminous and bright. Brightness can be adjusted and the light can be tailored to suit your needs. 

The brightness of up to 810lm allows you to customize the light to every situation. With 6500K cool white light, low brightness is dim and soft, while high brightness is clear and bright. 

Group smart lights and create scenes: 

mi smart led bulb	mi smart led bulb price in india	mi smart led bulb price

For those cozy, soft corners as well as bright and happening halls. Mi Home app lets you group Xiaomi Smart lights such as Mi Smart Bulbs, Mi smart Bedside lamps, etc. 

Use your voice to turn the bulb on or off or to adjust brightness. The Mi Home app provides adjustable bulb dimming and brightening as well as programmed on and off times, delayed lights off, and other useful settings.

The Mi LED smart bulb supports voice control with Amazon Alexa and Google's assistant. 

Low energy consumption for greater energy conservation: 

mi smart led bulb	mi smart led bulb price in india	mi smart led bulb price

With a service life of 15,000 hours, you will be saving more energy and using less electricity. The Mi Smart LED bulb puts out as much as 810 lm of brightness while using as little as 7.5W of power. The service life of 15,000 hours means add 6 hours of use a day, the bulb will last 7 years.

Hassle-Free Set-Up: 

The bulb has a B22 Base- suitable for every India home. 

No hub required: 

mi smart led bulb	mi smart led bulb price in india	mi smart led bulb price

The Mi Smart LED Bulb(White) can be connected via Wi-Fi to your smart home system without a gateway.

After installing the bulb, simply connect to the MI home app and start enjoying your smart lighting.

Control at your fingertips: 

convenience is the key with the Mi Smart LED Bulb(white). With the Mi Home app, you can control the bulbs and even schedule them to turn on the moment you reach home.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How many colors do the Mi Smart LED Bulb(White) support? 

The Mi Smart LED Bulb(White) gives cool white light 6500k with an option of adjustable brightness in the MI home app.

2. What is the base for the MI smart LED bulb (White)?

The bulb comes with a B22 base, which is perfect for Indian homes.

3. How do I connect/control the bulb with my phone? 

Download the Mi Home app from PlayStore (Android) or AppStore (IOS). You can control the bulb remotely using the app. Please refer to the user manual for the instruction to set up. 

4. Is it possible to connect multiple bulbs with a single device?

Yes, any number of bulbs can be connected to a single account on the MI home app. 

5. Can I connect the bulb with BlueTooth or Wi-Fi?

The bulb is Wi-Fi enabled. It supports Single Band 2.4GHz frequency only.

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