How to get free MI franchise in nearby places?

How to we get free MI Franchise in India?

Friends if you want to open an MI franchise in your nearby places then there is a piece of good news for you. xiaomi want to open 5000 MI store in all over India. If you want to open MI store in your nearby area so you can apply for MI franchise. Friends do you know the franchise of MI is free. Yes, it is shocking news but it is true. You won't pay any money for the MI franchise. The money that can spend on open an MI store is given by the Xiaomi company.

Let's Start:

Firstly I tell you why MI open 5000 MI store in India.

MI is the number 1 mobile brand in India and one of your family members can also use MI phone.

Friends do you know Xiaomi can build and sell many products like MI LED TV-MI watches MI Bluetooth speaker MI cycle MI power bank  MI air purifier MI luggage and many more electronic things.

Many few people can know about other MI products.

Xiaomi wants that everybody knows about other MI products and they are available in both ways online or offline.

That is the only reason that  Xiaomi wanted to open MI store in all over India.

Xiaomi said that if they open 5000 MI store in India then 1500 people get a job this is the very good news.

What is your income when you open MI store in your nearby places?:

Friends as you all know Xiaomi (MI) is the big name in all over the world.

Everybody can trust MI product with closed eyes.

MI gives the best things at a low price as compared to other companies.

That is why the demand of MI product is very high.

At this point, you can realize how much you can earn from MI store.

Income is mostly depended upon where you open the store and how much population around your nearby store.

But you can earn 60000 to 70000 rupees easily in a month.

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What is the requirement to open the MI store in your nearby places?:

Friends requirement are not very much but few requirements are there.

1. You have your store if it is your store then it is very good for you but if you have not your own store you can get a store on rent but a store is compulsory.

2. The most important requirement is that there is no MI store around 10km where you want to open the MI store in your nearby places otherwise you won't get a franchise from Xiaomi company.

3. The area which you want to open the MI store medium population is there.

4. If there is a low population in your area then you won't get a franchise from Xiaomi company.

How you can apply for an online franchise for MI store:

1. MI Franchise form.

2. Click on MI franchise form you can go to the page where you can fill the MI Franchise form.

3. First, you can enter your store name.

4. Enter partner name where you enter the name who want to get a franchise.

5. Now enter your phone number.

6. Now enter your email ID.

7. Now enter your pin code.

8. Now enter a city, town your village name and your sub District name.

9. Now enter District name.

10. Now enter your state name.

11. Now enter your age.

12. Now enter store height, storefront and store carpet area.

13. If you have a GST number of your store then enter your GST store number otherwise do not feel it.

14. If you have already a business then type yes and if you don't have any business then type no.

15. Then enter store type if your store is on rent then✓On rent, if it on the lease then✓ on lease and if it is your own store then✓on own.

16. If your store is on rent then enter monthly rent of your store.

17. Now you can upload 2 photos

1. Click the first photo on the front of the store where your full store can see with your picture.

2. And then click the second photo on the opposite side of your store where other things with your store can also see in a picture.

18. Then upload these two photos and click on agree and now click on the submit button.

Now the MI representative can check your submission form and see your location that it is good to open an MI store or not then they contact with you.

I hope friends with the help of this article you can apply for the MI store in your nearby area.

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