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How can I track my lost MI mobile?

Lei Jun

Friends Today we discuss the Chinese mobile company Xiaomi (MI). In today's world, xiaomi smartphones are top in the world and make a great impact all over the world. The main thing behind Xiaomi mobile success is its great features in mobile at a low price. Within a few time, Xiaomi smartphones are famous all over the world. Xiaomi is the fifth largest smartphone maker company. To see the popularity of  MI xiaomi all over the world Chinese say xiaomi company to Apple of China.

Let's start:

Who is the owner of Xiaomi company:

Lei Jun was born on 16 December 1969 in China.

Lei Jun complete his graduation from Wuhan University.

In 1992 Lei Jun start working in Kingsoft as the software engineer.

In 1998 with his hard work and his dedication to work Lei Jun become CEO of Kingsoft company.

This is the shocking thing to believe but it is true with his hard work and smart work Lei Jun become CEO of Kingsoft company.

After 2 years Lei Jun open his online bookstore.

The name of Lei Jun's bookstore is Joyo.com. This website is a great success for Lei Jun.

In 2004 Lei Jun sells his website to amazon.com.

Amazon pays $75million to Lei Jun for his online bookstore joyo.com.

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How can I track my lost MI mobile?

Follow these steps:
1. Go to the MI cloud website and log in to your MI id.
2. Now click on find my device.
3. Now you can see the approximate location of your mobile phone on the Google map.
4. Optionally, you can click Baidu at the top left corner for the Baidu map.

How Xiaomi company start:

It's time to do something big for Lei Jun.

6 April 2010 Lei Jun start the xiaomi company with 7 people.

At the starting point, this company started as a software company that creates Google Android-based custom ROM.

MI UI firmware is also a huge success for the Xiaomi company.

In 2011 Xiaomi company start to create hardware things.

Xiaomi launched his first smartphone in the market with the name of MI1.

The first phone of the Xiaomi company has great success people like this phone very much.

To see the huge success of MI 1 Xiaomi launched his 2nd smartphone in the market name MI 2.

This phone is more popular than MI 1 people like MI 2 very much the response of the people for MI 2 is very good.

10 million units of MI 2 smartphone has been sold in 11 months.

MI 2 smartphone is also sold in other countries like Australia, the USA, New Zealand and the UK with the help of Mobility.

What is the net worth of the Xiaomi company in 2014?

In 2014 the net worth of MI company is $45 billion.

When was Xiaomi launched in India?

Xiaomi company come to India in July 2014.

Xiaomi company launched his first phone in India On 23April 2015 name MI 4i which is available in India e-commerce site flipkart.com.

1.4 lakh units of Mi 4i was sell in 4.2seconds.

MI 4i is firstly only launched in India
Xiaomi also launches MI band the same day with MI 4i.

This is the starting of the Xiaomi company's success in India.

After this Xiaomi company never look back and launched many phones in India.

Every smartphone of MI company sells within seconds in India this is the reason it becomes the number one smartphone company in India.

MI company also develops laptops, MI bands, MI Bluetooth speakers, Wi-Fi routers and many more things.

For the contribution of Lei Jun in the Technical line, Forbes gives him the award of the businessman of the year in 2014.

Lei Jun is the 23 richest man in China.

The meaning of Xiaomi in Hindi is wheat. The full form of MI is mobile internet and mission Impossible because the company faces too many problems at his starting time.

The  reason why MI is number one in India:

1. Xiaomi is focused upon profit because MI can earn a little money with his smartphone that is the only reason Xiaomi sells his smartphone online especially at the festival time and do not an advertisement on his phone.

2. MI sells his smartphone in 16 to 18 months while other companies sell his model 7 to 8 months.

3. The component of the mobile is available at a very low price if a company sells a mobile phone for more than one year the component is available at a low price.

4. At the end time of  Xiaomi earn more from his mobiles.

5. MI only launches one phone within 4 months because the market is very competitive and people always want the latest technology smartphones.

6. Xiaomi is totally focused upon India because MI can only sell 20 to 30 products in India in a year.

7. Xiaomi always focuses on online marketing while other companies are the focus of online and offline marketing.

8. At the cover of MI smartphones, there is mentioned that they are made in India.

9. Xiaomi open 500 service centres in India.

10. Xiaomi always focuses on his fans.

11. When MI 3 sale starting on Flipkart the side of Flipkart is crash.

12. This can give a huge benefit to the Xiaomi company because the marketing of MI phones was free due to its sale of smartphones within seconds.

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