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What is the number of MI customer care?


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What is the number of Mi customer care

The number of Mi customer care is 1800 103 6286.

MI music player is launched by MI. It is the default app that can use in the MI. MI music application is default install by the MI company in every MI mobile phones. The Best feature of MI music Player is that you can play online music with it by using mobile internet.

MI music player is the best music player application in MI mobile phones.  There is three main feature in MI music player. You can play recent music that you play. You can add your favorite music list. It is the most osm feature in the Mi mobile Application. 

The disqualify of MI music player is, it can show adds when your mobile data is on. 

The best quality of MI music player is you can change the language of the MI music player.

With the help of MI music player, you can download the online song on your mobile phones.

You can also give feedback about your experience in MI music player. To give your feedback about Mi music Player just click on the options button on Mi music player select feedback and send the issue that you face with the MI music player 

If you want to change some setting in MI music player go to the options click on the setting and click on that option that you want to change.

You can change the option of Sleep Timer in MI music player. The Sleep timer means stop MI music player after a certain time.

MI video 

 MI video is launched by MI. It is one of the best video players for watching online video and saved video on your mobile phone. You can watch movies, TV shows, Music, Sports, Youtube, More in MI video.

It is all like Youtube you can see the trending video in the Youtube in MI video.

MI video is a mixed platform where you can see the latest online movies, Live Tv shows of any channel, Live music, and mostly you see the trending.

In MI video you can see the live match and all sports and most important you can see the new movie trailer in MI video.

You can also see the History of your MI video.
You can add your favorites list of video song your favorite movie serial and many more things for allowing this option in MI video just click on the heart sign button.

The disadvantage of MI video is that you can show the adds much time when you use the MI video Application.

MI community

In the MI community, you can see all the detail of Mi phones all the detail of the MI operating system and many more things in the MI community.

In the MI community, you can see the latest mobile version that can use in MI phones. you can see three main categories in the MI community.
1.Popular 2.For you 3.Column.

In the MI community, you can ask to write your problem in the MI community that you have faced with your mobile phone the member of the MI community will give the answer to your problem.

For using the MI community in the proper way you have to need signup or create MI account for MI community for better performance.

You can see the whole detail of the MI phones and all related things about MI in the MI community.

You can see the latest smartphones version and latest Smartphone launching date in the MI community.

You can see the price of the latest mobile update version of the latest MI phone and all things about MI in the MI community.

Important Line's

MI Apps

MI apps are launched by MI where you can install all the Playstore apps like Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, Foodpanda and many more apps in Mi apps store.

You have 3 main option in  MI apps 
1. Home 2. Games 3. Tools 
You can see the review of all the latest movie games in MI apps and then downloaded the game.
MI apps are the best thing to update your Mobile application,

MI store 

MI mobile store is the best mobile store in the world where you can see all the information latest MI smartphones MI LED TV and all the MI electronics product like MI Power Bank MI smartphones charger MI headphones MI headset MI customer care number and list the MI center in India and all over the world you can see the latest details of launching the latest mobile phones and many more things.

You can see the latest category of mobile phones headphones MI Power Bank MI Bluetooth speaker and all MI products detail. you can see it the details of new launching MI smartphone MI cameras MI Bluetooth speakers and if you can buy anything in MI mobile store with the help of Google Play app you can get 500 rupees of in MI product this offer can only valid on Friday.

Celebrate Diwali with buying MI products and get great discounts on MI products.

Redmi note 5 Pro is becoming the number one selling phone in India 5 million units of Redmi note 5 pros been sold.

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