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What is the price of MI 27 W Superfast Charger?

What is the price of MI 27 W Superfast Charger?

MI  recently launched a 27 W super-fast charger (SonicCharge Adapter) globally. It is the first fastest charger given by MI. 27W super-fast charger Sonic Charge Adaptor is fast, efficient and safe. MI 2700W super-fast charger his BIS Certified | call com quick charge 3.0 compatible 380V Surge Protection|Overheat protection. MI 27W  super-fast charger has come with a classic design. Crafted using premium materials this minimalist charger is a reflection of exquisite workmanship. MI 27W super-fast charger is fast and efficient. This charger is Qualcomm quick charge 3.0 compatible and can spot 27W fast charging. The 4 capacitances help deal with the unstable voltage.

Versatile Charging:

You can now fast charger your smartphone, tablet and power bank with the same charger. The MI 2700W charger comes with 10 layer protection.

1. Over-voltage protection.
2. Over-current protection.
3. Overpower protection.
4. Surge suppression.
5. EMF protection.
6. Over-temperature protection.
7. Short circuit protection.
8. Lightning protection.
9. Under-voltage protection.
10. Electrostatic protection.

No geographical restrictions the 100-240AC global standard input design allows you to carry it anywhere you go. Wide operating temperature range with a working temperature range of 10 to 50 degree Celsius, this charger is ideal in a choice of environments. The price of MI 27 W super-fast charger is 999 rupees only buy now.

What is the price of MI 27 W Superfast Charger?

Interesting things may you know:

In Detailed Table:- 


Product name: 27 W Superfast Charger(SonicCharge Adapter)
Product Code: MDY-10-ER
Color: White
Output: 5V/3A, 9V/3A
Size: 46.8*28*55.4mm
Weight: 86.3g

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