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MI Notebook Air review.

MI Notebook Air review.

Xiaomi launched his new gadget globally name MI Notebook Air. Uncompromising performance in an ultra-light ultra-thin body. MI laptop Air features of 13.3-inch ultra HD display and full-sized keyboard in a full metal body.

Despite how thin it looks, it is deceptive powerful with up to 3x higher processing speeds, 15% faster RAM speeds, and 2.1 x times the higher graphics performance on a dedicated graphics card. Protected with edge-to-edge glass protection for its fully laminated display and comes with dual-band Wi-Fi.

Specification of  MI laptop Air:

1. It comes with the ultralight ultra-thin full metal body.
2. MI laptop Air comes with a 6th generation Intel Core i5 processor.
3. MI laptop Air supported dedicated graphics card NVIDIA GeForce 940MX.
4. MI laptop Air spotted full HD display ultra-thin bezel.
5. The battery life of MI laptop Air is 9.5_hour Battery life.
6. MI laptop Air comes with 8GB DDR4 RAM 256GB PCIe SSD.
7. MI laptop Air support Dolby Audio Sound.
8. MI laptop Air support Dual 4K output 3 screen display.
9. MI laptop Air comes with multi-touch glass trackpad technology.
10. MI laptop Air comes with a full-sized keyboard and supports Individually backlit keys.

Ultra performance in the ultralight package:

MI Notebook Air review.

By combining a highly sophisticated motherboard, fully laminated display, and high-density battery, MI Laptop Air delivers on uncompromising performance while staying thin and light. Picks up easily with one hand and fits comfortably in most computer bags.

MI laptop launched in two variants :

1. 12.5 MI Laptop Air( integrated graphics card weight 1.07 Kg/ 12.9mm thin). It comes with the Intel Core M processor. 4GB RAM/ 128GB SATA SSD, expandable SSD slot 1080p FHD screen/ runs Windows 10 home.

2. 13.3 MI Laptop Air( Dedicated graphics card Weights 1.28kg/ 14.8mm thin). It comes with Intel core i5 processor. 8GB DDR4 RAM/ 256GB PCle SSD, expandable SSD slot 1080p FHD screen / runs Windows 10 home.

Performance and Money:

Heavyweight performance, without the weight. A performance that top of its class MI laptop Air includes a 6th generation Intel Core i5 processor, DDR4 RAM, PCIe SSD, dedicated graphics card, and GDDR5 SDRAM. Even when editing videos or playing games, it executes intensive tasks with ease. 2.1x higher gaming performance and 18% faster CPU speeds.

Not every laptop has a dedicated graphics card but MI laptop air comes with dedicated graphics card technology. Love gaming we have including a dedicated graphics card specially made to process graphics and 3D games better. Smooth animation effects coupled with full HD display improves your gaming experience by 2.1 X, we're pretty sure you will get hooked on your game in no time.

6th generation Intel Core i5 processor:

6th generation Intel Core I processor series is 18 % faster than its predecessors. Power conception is significantly reduced and can we use to view 4K videos. The MI Laptop Air 13.3" virgin comes with Intel Core i5 processor and the 12.5 version comes with Intel Core M processor.

Fully laminated and ultra-narrow bezel gives a great look to MI laptop Air and full HD display made it different. Up to 1920×1080p, is an 11.8x clearer than 24" desktop monitors. MI laptop has an ultra-thin 5.59mm bezel with edgeless glass protection. Its fully laminated display greatly reduces glare, and it is perfect for indoor and outdoor usage.

Edge to EDGE glass protection hardness of 7 on Mohs scale. Glass coverage extends to edges of the display. Ultra-durable, the hardness of 7 on Mohs scale. 5.59mm ultra-thin bezel design and emphasis on full HD display. So thin and light, fits easily into your bag.

AKG custom dual speakers:

With sound quality matters, especially when you are listening to your favorite tunes and watching that next blockbuster movie. We've incorporated Austrian manufacturer AKG Acoustics for the speakers in the MI laptop Air and enhanced the bass with Dolby Audio premium surround sound technology.

All the ports you need also comes with USB Type-C. Most new generation high-end laptops come with USB type c ports, and MI laptop Air supports that too. With USB Type-c pot you can use it for charging video or output and even for data transmission. It also comes with a full-sized HDMI port, 2 USB 3.0 ports, and a headphone jack. With all these ports in place, you can even connect your 4K resolution external monitors to enhance your experience.

No need for a password to unlock unlocks with your MI band 2,3,4. If you are on an MI band 2,3,4 you can unlock your MI laptop Air without having to key in your password. Your MI laptop near made for you to love.

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