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What is the price of MI smart shoes in India?

MI smart Shoes

 Xiaomi MI is one of the world's greatest brands. Mainly  Xiaomi company is known by his smartphones. MI is the fifth largest-selling smartphone company in the world. but Xiaomi can also build many things that few people can know. Today we discuss MI smart shoes. It is shocking to listen that the MI company builds shoes but in reality it is true it is hard to believe but it is true. MI company can build many products which many people don't know. Many people can think that the xiaomi company can only build a smartphone.

Let's Start:

Like smart mobiles, the Xiaomi company can also build smart shoes.

MI smart shoes come with tracking chips which is the best part of MI shoes.

The shoe tracker is given by the Amazfit company.

If you want to work tracking chip of MI shoes you can put it on inside the shoes.

The quality of MI smart shoes is very good.

MI smart shoes come in three colors black, blue and light grey.

MI smart shoes are best for walking and running it is the sports shoe.

In these shoes, the fishbone arc-lock system design is used.

The benefit of this design is that when you're running the quality of the swap is very low.

MI smart shoes are very comfortable to wear.

MI smart shoes made with clothes there are holes in MI shows for ventilation which is a good thing.

MI smart shoe soul quality is very good and it is slip-resistant.

The weight of MI smart shoes is very light which is very good at running time.

MI shoes are the smart shoes but if you won't enter chip inside the shows it is not a smart shoe.

How tracking chip is used in MI smart shoes:

To enter the chip inside the shoes you can remove the inside sole of the MI shoes.

You can see it in the picture.

MI Smart Shoes

MI Smart Shoes

This compartment will get in both shoes.

You can also buy this smart chip from the third party.

This smart chip is work upon Bluetooth 4.0.

This tracker comes with LED light.

The tracking chip comes with a button cell battery.

The tracking chip of MI  smart shoes is waterproof.

The tracking chip can carry up to 200 kg weight.

You can see the smart chip and his battery in an image.

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Important Lines:

MI smart shoes

MI shoes smart chip battery life is approximately 2 years.

This is smart chip is also known as an intelligent chip.

You can read all the things in the manual about MI smart shoe chip.

Now you can use MI fit application to see how this chip work.

You can see two option Amazfit smart chip and
amazing smart chip 2.

Select the second option amazfit smart chip 2.

The application is started paring with the chip with the help of Bluetooth.

This is the one time process you can help smart chip with your hand until it can connect.

When the chip is connected the application can ask you to which pair of shoes you can inside the chip you can select the pair of shoes either right side or left side.

Now the option appears on your mobile screen is static calibration.

For static calibration, you can wear the MI smart shoes and stand up for 5 seconds to complete the static calibration process.

The work of static calibration is that it can calculate the distance of your feet with the help of the smart chip.

You can see the distance traveled by you, how many calories you can burn and many more things on your mobile phone screen with the help of smart chips by using MI fit application.

What is the MI shoe price in India?

The price of MI smart shoes is 5000 rupees with the shipping charge.

Which website MI shoes buy online?

You can buy MI smart shoes from gearbest.com,amazon.com,flipkart.com.

If you have a coupon code then you get MI smart shoes at 3200 rupees.


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