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Khan Sir net worth

Khan Sir net worth

Khan Sir Patna is a professional teacher and YouTuber. He is an Indian Army lover. At an early age, he wants to become a soldier. Unfortunately due to their small height, he is not selected for the Indian Army.  Still, he serves the Indian country in the form of a teacher.

He runs the biggest teaching Youtube channel(Khan GS Research Centre) in the world. He teaches students at a very low fee price. His teaching is affordable for every student. He took a very low amount of fees for his teaching. 

Khan Sir Patna took 6 to 7 hours of classes daily. This is called dedication to his work. He sleeps at 1 Am and gets up at 6 AM.  His way of teaching is straightforward. Khan Sir and Sandeep Maheswari recently collaborate on a youtube video. 

The video is trending on youtube. The video is already crossed 1.2 Crore views on YouTube. You can watch this video on Sandeep Maheshwari's youtube channel. Currently, he runs a coaching center name Khan GS Research Centre in Patna, Bihar.

 He is a gentlemanly person. Khan Sir always said society always matters. So choose your society wisely. It can decide your future. He also said if you want to become a King then start working like a soldier. 

People are searching for Khan Sir's wife but he is unmarried. He is the favorite teacher of all students in India.  Khan Sir Patna's youtube video is very knowledgeable and entertaining. When he starts teaching in someone institute only six students are there. After some time students grew up to 150. 

Khan Sir Patna is very popular among students. The past owner of the institute tells him to not reveal his real name. After some time he earned the name Khan Sir from his students. He started his youtube channel in 2019. Within a few times, he gets millions of views on his youtube videos. His youtube channel got hip during the 2020 lockdown period. Today every Khan Sir video is trending on youtube. 

If you want to know about India's history and current affairs then watch Khan Sir on youtube. Khan Sir's official app name is Khan Sir Official. The app is available on the play store. He is an inspiration for millions of people all around the globe. 

He was born in 1992 in Gorakhpur Uttar Pradesh. Khan Sir's real name is Amit.  Khan Sir Patna's net worth is $ 2 million. Khan Sir make a world record by tie maximum rakhi. He also made a Youtube video on it. Kindly check his youtube channel for the video. 


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