Mi water purifier

Mi water purifier

MI launch another great gadget MI smart water purifier RO + UV in India. It is truly smart fully safe fully convenient. The MI smart water purifier RO + UV has come with an advanced painter purification process. The water passes through five stages of purification to provide quality drinking water. With RO purification accuracy of 0.0001 micron, 5 different stages of purification will effectively get rid of chemicals, residual chlorine, visible particulates, bacteria and other compounds that could harm your health.

Revolutionary RO Filtration:

mi water purifier

Turns hard and drinkable water into save consumable water. The RO membrane effectively filters out heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, scales, organic matter, and other impurities. The theoretical filtration precision can reach up to 0.0001 micron.

With a highly efficient TDS reduction capacity of up to 90%, you can trust the quality water delivered by the MI smart water purifier RO + UV. In-Tank UV Sterilization with bacteria-killing efficiency of 99.99%.

Unlike most water purifiers in the market the MI smart water purifier RO + UV features and UV light inside the water tank. This shows that all the water gets treated by the UV light, making sure the water is disinfected of any microorganisms which can cause water-borne diseases.

India's first smart water purifier with filter replacement:

mi water purifier

Change the filter yourself in less than 30 seconds. The MI smart water purifier RO + UV you don't have to depend on the customer service team to check and replace your filters. Maintains are simplified with the smart design that allows you to replace the filter all by yourself in under 30 seconds.

One-touch smart app connectivity:

mi water purifier

Know the health of the water you consume. MI smart water purifier RO + UV makes life easier for you by allowing you to track real-time TDS level filter life UV sterilization status and the volume of purified water.

FDA approved material with assured safety:

Contemporary and environment-friendly design. The storage tank is made with material approved by the food and drug administration of the USA which makes the water safe to consume and idle for water storage. The price of MI smart water purifier RO + UV is 11,999 rupees.

The MI smart water purifier RO + UV makes use of a multistage filtration process that includes Polypropylene cotton+ activated carbon, reverse osmosis, post activated carbon and In-Tank UV Sterilization to get rid of any adulterants. You do not have to worry about larvae, parasites, bacteria virus and larger particulates for pure clean portable water in your home.

Features of MI smart water purifier RO + UV.

1. Feature painter purification process for complete filtration of your drinking water.

2. Change the filter by yourself in under 30 seconds without the help of a technician.

3. Real-time TDS monitoring helps you know the quality of your drinking.

4. Track add a note of all important data points on the Smart App.

5. The In-Tank UV light disinfects your water of any micro-organisms.

6. With a capacity of 7 liters and an auto water level detector you have enough water for your household.

7. Ensure the health of your family with safe drinking water.

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