Mi band 4 strap

mi band 4 strap

MI launched a colorful strap for the MI band 4. It is available in different colors deep blue, wine red, graphite black, electric orange, pink Choose different colors according to your mood. The single body mold fits snugly against the wrist and holds the main dial firmly in place, so you can work out stress-free.

Ultra-soft and matte:

Mi band 4 strap

The straps use soft, dense thermoplastic elastomers designed to match the shape of each individual wrist. The all-new straps offer complete comfort. The price of Mi band 4 strap is 249 rupees so what are you waiting for buy now.

Installation process:

Mi band 4 strap

Take off the band and use your two hands to hold the straps firmly at both ends. Pull both ends until there is a small gap between the body of the band and the wristband. Insert one end of the tracker into the slot and the news your thumb to firmly press down the other end.

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