Mi 18W Car Charger Pro.

mi 18 w car charger pro

MI launched another great gadget Mi 18W car charger pro. The Mi car charger pro provides 18W fast charging from either of its two ports. It comes with a dual-port intelligent distribution. When both ports are being used, Mi Car Charger Pro intelligently distributes power to each other.

The best part of Mi 18W car charger pro is it comes with multi-layered protection. Featured a high-quality IC chip with fivefold circuit protection to both improve charging efficiency and better protect the car and charger.

5 best features of Mi 18w car charger pro:

mi 18 w car charger pro

1. Over current production: It prevents excessive charging current.

2. Short circuit protection protects against short circuit during use.

3. Overvoltage protection: Prevents excessive output voltage.

4. Electromagnetic interference protection.

5. Overheat protection: Automatically protects the charger in high temperatures.

Moonlight White LED Indicator:

To facilitate use at night, the Mi car charger pro features an LED indicator light and the white light helps you easily locate the charging port in any lighting conditions.

Premium metallic finish:

The MI car charger pro has an integrated and streamlined design, complemented by a metal housing made of high-quality brass to improve heat dissipation.

Smart IC Chip:

The Mi car charger pro features a built-in smart chip that can intelligently distribute the required power to the charger, controlling its own temperature even when operating at high currents.

Compatible with most car models:

The metal spring contact design is compact and stable and fits different sizes of cigarette lighters and power plugs. It can handle 12v/24v input voltage and is compatible with most cars on the market.

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