What is the price-review of MI Portable Mouse?

MI launched another great gadget MI portable mouse globally. MI portable mouse can connect to two computers simultaneously Bluetooth 2.4 g connectivity. MI portable mouse supports Bluetooth 2.4 G connectivity. MI portable mouse sports Bluetooth 2.4 G wireless connectivity. Connect to two computers and easily toggle between connections by pressing the bottom button. MI portable mouse incorporates environmentally friendly ABS plastic and smooth aluminum alloy in one device for a body that is minimalist and high-performing while being resistant to scratches, fingerprints, and impacts. The front button requires just 0.6N of pressure for maximum comfort and performance.

A metal surface identical to high-end laptops:

Anodized and carefully sandblasted too much popular high-end laptops. MI portable mouse comes with quick and stable Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Using the Nordic Bluetooth chip allows for quick transmission speeds but low power consumption. The laser sensor is compatible with 95% of surfaces including mouse pads, desktops, cloth, and glass.

Quick and accurate movement:

MI portable mouse features a photoelectric sensor that implements advanced leisure technology. It creates a higher contrast on most surfaces and allows up to 1200dpi for optimal office and entertainment use. Beauty from bottom to the top no compromises was made for any angle. The underside design of the device received the same uncompromised attention as the rest of the devices and underside elements are allegiantly demonstrating the perfect balance of the design. Use is smooth with just the right amount of resistance.

Easily remove the back cover:

Gently rotate to remove the battery cover. MI portable mouse includes high-quality AAA batteries. The rounded ergonomic design is suited to both right and left-handed users. ABS couriers just enough friction for a firm hold and extended use. MI portable mouse is easy to hold even easier to pick. A touchpad is not always enough for some tasks. This is the perfect lightweight solution in your pocket or bag. The price of Mi portable mouse is Rupees 1,599 only so what are you waiting for buy now.

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In Detailed Table:- 


Product Name: MI Portable Mouse
Dimensions: 110.2* 57.2* 23.6 mm
Weight: 77.5g
CMITIT ID: 2016DP4530
Detection distance: < 10m
Connection: Bluetooth 4.0, R.f 2.4 GHz
Sensor: Laser sensor
Output: 3V
Operating System: For Windows, macOS, Andriod

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