What is the price-review of MI LED TV 4x Pro 55?

MI launch another great gadget MI LED TV 4x Pro 55 in India. It is India's smartest Android TV. The 4K Ultra HD screen features HDR (High Dynamic Range) picture that delivers shop detail with minimal noise. MI LED TV 4x Pro 55 sports multiple feature 4K HDR, 20W powerful stereo speakers, PatchWall with 700,000+ hours of content, Google voice search, Play store, Android Tv, powerful 64-bit Quad-core processor. The 4K Ultra HD screen features HDR( High Dynamic Range) picture that delivers short detail with minimal noise. MI LED TV 4K Pro 55 comes with an upgraded graphics engine. Efficient graphics engine reduces noise.

700,000+ Hours of Content:

Compatible with Patchwall, one TV meeds the viewing needs of the whole family.  PatchWall has 700,000+ hours of content and we are constantly adding to the catalog to keep the entire family entertained. MI Android TVX Pro comes with Google voice search built-in. MI LED TV 4x Pro 55 comes with 20 W stereo speakers which give you louder and clearer voice. It is the world thinnest Android Tv.

Powerful 64-bit Quad-core processor:

The processor features 2GB RAM and 8GB storage memory-making hangs and lags a thing of the past. MI LED MI TV 4K Pro 55 comes with Bluetooth Voice Remote. The price of Mi LED TV 4x Pro 55 is 39,999 rupees so what are you waiting for buy now.

Frequently asked questions by the MI led Tv users.

1. How can I get a demo and installation for my MI LED Tv?

Ans. Call our customer service toll-free number 1800 103 6286 for installation demo request or you can copy this link https:mi.hatetowaitapp.com/tv/installation.

Installation and demo with in the first 15 days of purchase will be free of cost and after this period customer has to pay for installation.

2. What are the different sound and video modes available on the MI LED TV?

Ans. You can use a variety of video and sound modes:

Pre-set Video Modes. Users can also customize the display parameters.

Pre-set Sound Modes: Game, News, Movie, and Standard. Users can also customize the audio parameters.

3. How do I update the MI LED TV software?

Ans. Please go to settings>about TV>check now.

4. Can I use the MI remote with CEC supported devices?

Ans. Tested Devices: Amazon Fire TV stick, Apple Tv 4K.

5. What are the pre-installed apps on MI LED TV?

Ans. The Mi TV features Media player, Settings, Gallery, TV Manager, Sensy TV Guide, YouTube, Play Music, Play Store, Live Tv. You can also install a third-party application from the Google play store in MI LED TV.

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