What is the price-review of MI LED desk lamp?

What is the price-review of MI LED desk lamp?

MI launched another great gadget MI LED desk lamp globally. It is a smart desk lamp with 4 light profiles. MI LED test lamp is specially designed to reduce flickering which causes fatigue and other harmful effects on the eyes. You can adjust the color temperature and brightness according to your needs or there are only 4 preset lighting modes that cater to different scenarios end-user requirements. All these features are housed in a simple, allegiant and beautiful metal casing that is extremely durable and designed to precision.

1. Flicker-free lighting: 

Stable lighting source, uniform luminance, and does not emit UV rays. 

2. Adjusts brightness and color temperature: 

Suits most users needs and demands.

3. Different lighting modes: 

Choose from different lighting modes that automatically adjust color temperature and brightness to suit different scenarios.

4. Durable, minimalist design:

Elegantly designed and durably constructed.

What is the price-review of MI LED desk lamp?

Pure, flicker-free lighting: 

The MI LED desk lamp passes through an RC filter and a light dimming chip which produce a relatively flat DC signal that insurance constant current to the LED lamp beads, so the flickering is reduced significantly. Even in cases where slight flickering occurs, it is being reduced to alleviate eye fatigue and lowers the chances of the user suffering from myopia.

4 different lighting modes: 

Backed by extensive research, we've specially tuned 4 different lighting modes to suit different needs of our users. Download our MI home app to switch between the 4 lighting modes.

1. Focus Mode:

Users can customize periods to focus or reset by switching to different light modes. The focus mode adopts the Pomodoro technique that it adds a user to become more productive and protects the eyes.

2. Read Mode:

The Mi LED desk lamp intelligently adjust the color temperature to a neutral hue 4000K and a 100%  luminance. So even after reading for a long period, you don't experience eye fatigue.

3.  Computer Mode:

The computer mode protects the eyes and ensures the color temperature range is kept at 2700K, which reduces the proportion of blue light entering the human eye.

4. Child Mode :

We have designed the color temperature to next exceed 4000k, so it effectively protects the children eyes from suffering potential optical damage on top of the numerous safety standards that have already been put in place.

Flipkart free natural lighting: 

What is the price-review of MI LED desk lamp?

MI LED desk lamp comes with a patented optical design that combines numerous light reflection and refraction producing light that is close to natural lighting. 

Hinges precisely and constructed durably:

The hinge is durably constructed with an all-metal design. Even after opening and closing for 10,000 times, it losses performance by a mere 17% and continues to perform normally. The MI lamp is designed to dissipate heat better, ensures uniform luminance, and has a longer lifespan. The price of MI LED desk lamp is $48.69 so what are you waiting for buy now.

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