What is the price-review of 20000 mAh MI Power Bank 2i?

What is the price-review of  20000 mAh MI  Power Bank 2i?

MI launched another great gadget 20000 mAh MI Power Bank 2i in India. The high capacity 20000 mAh Power Bank 2i delivers on innovative design excellent quality and high output capacity. The high capacity 20000 MH power bank offers more charges on the go and does it way faster, all thanks to single-port 18W Fast charger support. Mi Power Bank 2i comes with dual USB output. The all-new 20000 mAh MI power Bank 2i is compatible with a wide range of devices and intelligently adjusts power output to match devices' requirements. Crafted with quality in mind the power bank uses PC + ABS material and provides a superior and comfortable hand feel. The new sandstone finish adds a classic yet stylish look to the power bank.

Double press for low power charging:

What is the price-review of  20000 mAh MI  Power Bank 2i?

Safely charge low power devices such as Bluetooth headsets and fitness bands. Simply double press the power button to enter a 2- hour low power charging mode. Mi Power Bank 2i is coming within 9 layers of world-class circuit chip protection. With USB smart control chips and charging-discharging chips built MI power Bank 2i provides 9 layers of circuit chip protection while enhancing charging efficiency. The price of  20000 mAh MI Power Bank 2i is 1,499 rupees. 

Temperature Resistance:

Heat- sensitive and temperature control mechanism ensures that Li-poly battery operates with a safe range.

Protection from Short Circuit:

Automatic protection to the motherboard and battery when a short circuit occurs.

Reset Mechanism:

The power button can be used to reset the power bank in an unstable environment.

Input Overvoltage Protection:

OVP circuit prevents voltage surges from damaging the device.

Protection from Incorrect Insertion:

Detects when the charger is inserted incorrectly and automatically stops charging.

Production from Output Overcurrent:
What is the price-review of  20000 mAh MI  Power Bank 2i?

Monitors output current and shut off when current exceeds the maximum limit to protect the device.

Output Overvoltage Protection:

Monitors output voltage and shuts off when the voltage exceeds the maximum limit to protect the device.

Protection from overcharge and Over-discharge:

Japanese technologies are adopted to prevent overcharging and over-discharging thus preventing any damage to the Li-poly batteries.

PTC Protective Circuits for the Cell:

Imported battery cells are equipped with PTC to effectively control current and provide protection when temperature and current exceed the maximum limit.

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In Detailed Table:- 


Product Name: 20000 mAh Power Bank 2i 
Battery: 20000mAh
Weight: 13.6g
Range: 10m
Charging time: Approx 6.7 hours(18W charger, standard USB cable)
                           Approx 10 hours(10W charger, standard USB cable)

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