What is the price of Mi 2 in 1 USB cable?

What is the price of Mi 2 in 1 USB cable?

MI laughed another great gadget Mi 2 in 1 USB cable in India. Mi 2 in 1 USB cable specially made for faster charging and data transfer. Inside the cable, multiple wires work together to provide safe and faster charging up to 2.4A. The inner wiring is made out of 28 pieces of 0.01mm tin-coated copper wire, reinforced with 250D nylon to withstand wear and tear over long term usage. Mi 2 in 1 USB cable comes with Reinforced stress relief points. Inside the cable, there are 16 insulated conductors which are wrapped in high-quality copper braids to reinforce strength and durability. The new anti-interference designs boast of aluminum foil shielding which protects the insulated conductors from external electromagnetic interference.

High-quality TPE design:

What is the price of Mi 2 in 1 USB cable?

Made from environmentally friendly material, TPE, the outer casing of the cable is tough yet flexible which helps to absorb stress and prevents splitting and breakage. The type- C reversible connector allows you to connect the cable to your device in any direction, removing the hassle of incorrect insertion

One cable to charge different devices:

Charge and sync your Micro USB devices as well as Type-C devices using just one cable. Simply plug the USB into any USB port, choose the right connector for your device to quickly start charging and data synchronization. The price of Mi 2 in 1 USB cable is 179 rupees only. It comes with 6 months warranty.

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In Detailed Table:- 


Product Name: Mi 2 in 1 USB Cable
Type: Charge & Sync Cable
Cable length: 100 cm
Color: White
Output ports; USB Type C & Micro USB
Input Port: USB 2.0 (Type A)
Warranty: 6 months.

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